Global Warming?

2007 October 4
by Nick Lamb

Ok, so those that know me know that I like to make fun of the whole global warming thing.  I think it’s slightly comical how much misleading goes on, on both sides of the argument.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the environment, I really do(camping, whitewater kayaking, etc.).  But here’s the thing; “saving” the environment is great insofar as it pertains to humans using it and enjoy it.  There seems to be this sentiment going around that we’re doing it “for the environment.” As if the environment is more important than the people living in it.  We obviously need to think about the environment and how we impact it for our children, but it’s just crazy thinking that a tree or rock or field is more important than a person.

This shirt that was given to me by a friend sums up my feelings on the matter.  It’s could go either way, you decide.

This is why I’m hot

  • KFC

    Hi! I’m kirsten’s numero uno, and I was reading her beautiful blog when I stumbled across yours. Just wanted to say one thing on the global warming issue, because I find this whole phenomenon & the arguments against/for it interesting. I don’t think anyone’s advocating to save the environment for the environment’s sake, unless there are weird rumors circulating around you weirdo Coloradoans . That kind of argument would be incredibly illogical. What I’ve heard & read is simply to preserve it for future generations so that people can enjoy it. But it’s all about the people. Now here’s an embarrassing story about Kirsten that you’ll love: when she was younger, she and her friend made a music video to Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares to You.”

  • nicklamb

    I think its more the bs on both sides that really gets under my skin/makes me laugh. Thanks for the embarrassing story :) I’m going to ask Kirsten to re-enact the video, haha!

  • abigail daniel

    I love that t-shrit but I hate to talk about global warming good luck with kirsten

  • abigail daniel

    oh shut up kfc all alu can do is kill chicken I mean come on! let nick do his thing.