Kodak’s charitable giving on The Celebrity Apprentice Is laughable

2010 March 23
by Nick Lamb

To preface, I like the show. There’s something fun about seeing the C-list celebs squirm in that boardroom when they see the donald’s combover.

Ok, on to the real issue. There’s portion of the show that I’ll call “the infomercial”, which features a big corporation giving the teams a task to somehow market/promote their product and in return for the winning team’s hard work, said big corporation will donate money to that team’s charity. Sounds like a win-win for the corporation and the charity. Wrong. The disparity between what the corporation gets and what the charity gets is laughable.

Let’s break it down for this week’s show. During “the infomercial” part of the show the Kodak’s name/product are spoken about in good light for almost half the show. Let’s be really conservative and say they had 20 minutes of product placement during the show. If this time had been a commercial during the show it would cost $100,000-200,000 per 30 second spot(Source). Using the low end of that range, the 20 minutes of product placement is worth $4,000,000! That’s a lot of money. So you’d think that Kodak would be generous in giving to the charity that wins the competition. Wrong again. Kodak donated a measly $20,000 or %0.5 of what they’re getting in return. You read that right, a half a percent. Laughable.

  • Ryan

    No! I disagree. Because product placement on that show is so much worse than on a normal commercial the value that Kodak got was actually much less. Donald’s comb-over doesn’t make me want to buy anything. :)

  • abigail daniel

    oh shut up ryan pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesese