The many stages of iPhone syncing dispair

2010 April 13
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by Nick Lamb

I love my iPhone, but I rarely sync it to my computer.  It seems like every time I do, I’m in a hurry to get some new music on it to listen to while I’m biking into work or something.  Here’s what I end up having to endure:

Step 1: iTunes update

Time to update iTunes

no, i don't want to

No, actually I don't want to use iTunes because it causes my computer to come to a screeching halt

software update

Wait...why is it trying to install MobileMe? I don't even use that crap.

Step 2: Download iTunes


107 MB? That's a lot of bloatware

Step 3: Try to Sync with no luck


This is the part where you agree to let Apple steal your soul

Time to restart the computer

Step 4: The iPhone Firmware Update

Update iPhone

Updating iPhone

Step 5: The Sync

Syncing iPhone

iPhone Sync Complete

So if you’re still with me, which I probably wouldn’t be after all these ridiculous steps, that took the better part of an hour.  And I never did get to listen to those songs I wanted to on my ride into work.

  • Margo Pasha

    Maybe – in your spare time, you can invent a sync button! That would make life a lot easier for us “Droids”, too!

  • Andy

    The core problem with Apple products, is that you have to completely sell your soul and give into whatever it wants you to do. iTunes wants you to sync every time you plug in your device, so if you don’t do that, you’re screwed.

  • Connor

    Maybe you could connect it in mass storage mode to transfer the files? Or maybe try from one of the abundant other music management programs? Or take out the microSD card and transfer the music directly?

    At least, that’s what I’d do on my Nokia, so I assume the world’s most prestigious and user-friendly phone would offer such flexibility as well? :)

  • abigail daniel

    oh I hope its not stupid music.u should have gospel on it.