Adding an auxiliary audio input to a 2007 Jeep Compass

2010 April 23
by Nick Lamb

When I got my Jeep Compass a few years ago I had a couple of choices on the sound system. The basic package came with a basic cd player and 4 speakers, but it had an auxiliary audio input.  The upgraded package had a six disc mp3 cd changer and a 9 speaker Boston Acoustics system with a subwoofer.  Of course I went with the booming subwoofer.  But it was at the cost of an auxiliary audio input.  Now, a few years later, I’ve grown tired of always having to burn new mp3 cds when I want to listen to new music.  Here’s how I went about installing a new aux input so I can plug my iphone in and listen to those new jams.  Total cost: ~$100.

The console I needed to figure out how to get into without breaking anything

first, pop the top dash piece off with a screwdriver or other tool

Next, pull the shifter knob off and pry up the panel and trim around the shift box

Start at the top of the console trim and remove a couple screws and gently/firmly pull it out

Once you have access to the radio, take the mounting screws out and pull it out of it's housing

Unplug the inputs from the radio and put in the new auxiliary input converter

I decided to cut out a little piece of the dash panel with a dremel and fit a 3.5mm coupler in place

The final product with the auxiliary input in place. It's barely visible unless you're looking for it.

Now I can finally listen to the iPhone in the car. I made a car cradle for the iphone from some parts I had laying around the garage.

  • Kirsten

    Don’t forget to detail the actual iPhone holder. That was the most creative piece of the whole project!

  • nicklamb

    Its not my best work. Maybe I’ll do another post on it when I get time to perfect it :)

  • Mike

    This is super helpful!

    Where did you buy that “auxiliary input converter”? Is there a specific model I need to order?

    Thanks in advance!

  • nicklamb
  • Mike

    Very helpful! thanks…

  • Charles

    Do you have to give up any of the stereo’s features? For instance, do you now have the aux port instead of having satellite radio?

    Appreciate the simple instructions.

  • nicklamb

    The audio from the aux converter comes through the stereo on satellite channels 100 or 101. I don’t have satellite radio to know if it replaces the other satellite functions, but it might.

  • Tom

    Having a hard time removing the shifter knod any suggestions. Also, does the converted come with the left right input and you just plugged in a 3.5mm coupler in?

  • Nick Lamb

    The shifter knob seems like it’s stuck but just pull it straight upward along the shaft and it will pop off (the metal shaft will still be in place, just the plastic knob comes off). I just got a 3.5mm to RCA splitter so I could plug in any mp3 player.

  • Danielle

    Hey Nick,

  • Nick Lamb

    Hey Danielle, Your comment must have not posted right?

  • Tom

    How do you disconnenct the factory installed satellite tuner? Once installed it keeps jumping between channels and I don’t even have satellite service. Any ideas?

  • Nick Lamb

    The way the auxiliary add-on works is that it pretends like it is a satellite input (since the factory jeep stereo doesn’t have a real aux input). So on mine, the auxiliary audio shows up by pressing the “Mode” button until you get to the sat mode and then the audio will be on channel 100 or 101.

    Hopefully that helps.

    I also noticed that I had to mess with the gain on the aux input to get the volume right.

  • Hector Urrutia Argandoña

    hey hello guys some one of your do you know what color of wire i can find the accesorie wire ???? in the central console ???

  • Esse Pi

    Hello from Italy, I would like to buy the aux input interface for my Jeep Compass 2007. Can you help me?