Fun facts before going to the Philippines

2010 May 11
by Nick Lamb

In preparation for our trip to the Philippines for my sister’s wedding I thought I should at least know some interesting facts about the place that’s going to take 30 hours of travel time to get to.  That way I can ponder this newly aquired information while flying over the pacific ocean and so can you (well you wont be over the ocean, but you get the idea)!  So here goes:

  • It is an archipelago comprising 7,107 islands.
  • The United States was once at war with the Philipines.
  • Average temperatures range from 75°F – 88°F with Humidity 70-85% (not good for someone like me from Colorado).
  • Their monetary unit is the Peso.  The current exchange rate is $1 USD = 44.935 PHP.
  • The main exports include electronics and garments.
  • The largest naval battle of World War II was fought in Leyte Gulf.

Here’s a nice map so you can follow along with our 8,103 mile journey:

Denver to Salt Lake City to Tokyo to Manila to Dumaguete

Denver to Salt Lake City to Tokyo to Manila to Dumaguete

And a little eye candy to make you jealous of where we’ll be in Dumaguete:

  • Adam

    eye candy. ha!

  • malia

    Theo and I have been watching Ken Burns documentary the War, which is really good and I highly recommend it. Anyway, lots of stories from the Philippines so I’ve thought of you guys and your vacay lots over the past couple of days! I expect a lecture and slideshow when you return. Thanks:)

  • nicklamb

    We’ll have the lecture and slideshow ready for you guys when we get back :)

  • abigail daniel

    How is it up there ? poor? smelly?

  • abigail daniel

    what dam slideshow?

  • abigail daniel

    what the hell u talking about candy for?