Making the switch to my new business

2010 June 16
by Nick Lamb

Revel SoftwareYep, you read right. No longer working for the man.  Well, probably still working with the man, but hopefully now I’ll be calling more of the shots and getting to pursue the things that really excite me.  I started a new web consulting business called Revel Software.  Our bread and butter is doing custom web applications.  Not just pretty web design, but sites that do something, like allowing you to interact and manipulate data and integrate with other sites. Sounds fun doesn’t it? If ever you or someone you know needs that sort of thing, you’ll know where to turn now.

Here are a couple of the steps to get my new business up and running:

1. The new computer

Of course any respectable software consultant is going to have a nice computer. I happen to prefer desktops over laptops because I like screen real estate.  Here’s the breakdown of the computer I built.

2. The new desk/cleaned up office

Since my wife also works from home we needed a clean office, which wasn’t working out so well.  So we spent a lot of time doing that.   I also decided to build a new desk to hold my new computer.  That consisted of a solid core door 28″ x 80″ and two metal shelves attached for ~$100, see how to build it here.

3. Coffee

Last but not least, I will probably be consuming lots of coffee during my new endeavor.