Dogs, Rules, God and Camping

2010 July 1
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by Nick Lamb

Kona Puppy CampingWith my wife’s and my flexible schedule these days, we were able to take off last Friday and go up for a night of camping in the Lost Creek Wilderness.  It was a perfect little get away.  We got away from the summer heat of the city and got to spend some well needed and relaxing nature time together.  This was not-so-little Kona Puppy’s first camping trip sans leash. She was able to run free and wild, which she did heartily, playing in the creek, digging up sticks in the mud, and sprinting around camp like a dog who’s just eaten a bowl of speed.

This is where this blog is going to take a turn for the worse.  I’ll just get it out there; Kona eats poop.  Sure enough, she sniffed out all the places around the campsite where it could be found and went to town.  It’s one of those things that we try and try to stop, but she does it anyways and no amount of “No!”s can get her to stop.  Somewhere along the way in her development she decided that this rule we made of “no poop eating” was us being cruel and holding her back and that she was missing out on a delicious treat.  No, it’s quite the opposite, that rule is for her own good and ours.

I think a lot of people see God’s rules in the same way (I know I did at one point in my life), but they’re really there to protect us.  He’s not a prudish God holding us back from a treat or having fun. His rules are looking out for us, trying to keep us from the poop of life: drugs, power, greed, the way sex is portrayed in our society, gossip, gluttony, and so on.  And even though money and sex aren’t inherently bad, God knows all the ways that we’ve perverted them to suit our selfishness.  And so He lays out what a lot of people in society see as antiquated rules like marriage only being between a man and a woman or not being so attached to your money and material things that you can’t see the real meaning in life.

So, we will keep trying to show Kona Puppy that she doesn’t really want that poop and give her a real treat instead, and God will continue to guide us away from the poopy things in life and give us abundant life.

  • eric

    nice… so we don’t need to bring a shovel?

  • nicklamb

    Sadly, that is probably true, haha.

  • abigail daniel

    that’s really nice BUT GOING IN THE WOODS!!! I WILL BE AFRAID