Social Reply Hell

2010 September 25
by Nick Lamb

Here’s a real-world example of mine from a few weeks ago that shows what it’s like to be in social reply hell.

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It started out on Twitter as a tweet, then on to facebook as a status message and Google Buzz picked it up from Twitter as well.  Then there was an @reply that I saw in Tweet Deck.  Then an email from facebook saying someone had commented.  Then notifications once I’m logged into facebook. Then notifications and an email inside Gmail.  Rinse, lather, repeat…  More emails, more notifications.  I can only imagine what this would be like if I were some kind of internet celebrity.  I’d have to quit my day job to manage replies and notifications.

But what do you really think about Tabs vs Spaces for code indentation?  Then we can string this conversation out over another internet medium.

  • eric

    all tabs… all the time… (i’m skyping you right now about this)

  • abigail daniel

    oh shut up eric! hahaha