Building a desk for the wife

2010 November 10
by Nick Lamb

My wife was in desperate need of a new desk.  Her existing desk was overflowing with what might have been considered “junk” but I think she somehow becomes more creative by keeping a messy desk.  So here’s a rundown of how I gave her more desk space thus allowing her to be more creative.

The original desk


  • 1 stain-grade pine board 2′ x 8′ long ~$20
  • 1 metal shelf unit 24″x13″x30″ ~$20
  • 1 metal closet rod 1-5/8″ diameter x 8′ ~$20
  • 2 closet rod mounts ~$3
  • 4 copper pipe hangers ~$2
  • Stain ~$10
  • Total: ~$80

The parts

Attaching the shelving unit

Attaching the legs

Making it look pretty and protecting it from Kirsten's coffee

The final product

  • Adam

    You forgot the final “part” or ingredient to making this desk, love.

  • chase

    so by allowing her to be more creative, your are effectively allowing her to continue being messy, in turn, fueling the creativity further

  • Margo

    That’s lovely! How can she not be productive with such a luxurious work space?

  • Margo

    PS – looks like someone did a little painting, too! nice.

  • eric

    you’re an inspiration to us all guv’nur. incredible work, mate.

  • Theo V

    very nice! You inspired me to make a nice desk for my office a few months ago… I ought to post pictures of it… but maybe when you come over Monday I’ll have a chance to show off what the seed you planted has grown into :-)

    Actually I really think a good desk makes a big difference in productivity… and I think a nice big, wide desk just gives one the feeling of spaciousness and luxury….

    good work!

  • abigail daniel

    I love that color. am sure she gave you a kiss for that wonderfull,excellent thing you did for her. well done!

  • abigail daniel

    you will think he just get wood and make a desk then? he have to paint it of course. to let it look beautifull