My 5 day juice fast

2011 September 11
by Nick Lamb

power juicerWhen I decided I wanted to try and do a 5 day long juice fast I had no idea how hard it would be.  I don’t think I’ve gone a day without food ever.  I also had no idea how hard it would be to have to make my wife coffee and cook her bacon (mmm, bacon) while not having any for myself.  But duty called since we just had a baby girl and she needed some help.  The idea behind the juice fast was to give my system a kind of reboot and maybe lose a little weight in the process.

Here’s how each of my 5 days looked: I could only drink water and freshly made fruit and vegetable juice (no coffee or alcohol, boooo).  I started the morning out with drinking a glass of hot water with some lemon juice squeezed in.  The rest of the day was spent drinking various concoctions of fruit and vegetable juice starting with more fruits in the morning and transitioning to more vegetables as the day went on.  And then I would end the evening off with a night cap of lemon ginger herbal tea.

How I felt: The first day was pretty easy but the afternoon got a little harder as my body realized it hadn’t had any caffeine.  The second day was the low point. The lack of caffeine really got to me and knowing that I couldn’t partake in any of the delicious food my wife was having made it even harder.  Even so, I was surprised at how much energy I had.  Before I started I thought I’d be a lazy sack laying on the couch unable to move.  By the third day I seemed to have normal energy levels and was craving food less.  The 4th and 5th days I had plenty of energy and was able to take the dog on a long walk and then ride my bike to and from my client’s office.

Starting weight: 237 lbs
Ending weight: 227 lbs



  • abigail daniel

    pass me a drink please nick lamb!!!