The Harvest is Plentiful

2011 October 10
by Nick Lamb

When I built and planted our new vegetable garden I had no idea how much it would produce.  God is good and the harvest is plentiful this year.  Who knew 48 square feet of garden space would produce so much.  We’ve been able to have delicious salads every day for the past month with only ingredients from our garden.  That’s right, you probably think I’ve turned into a total hippie.  Anyways, see the photo evidence below.

Peppers: cayenne, serrano, and anaheimHolding a Cayenee pepper plant
bush blue beansbountiful harvest: arugula, tomatos, cucumber and radishesconcord and pinot noir grapescucumbersgenovese basilcanadian red cherries

I like this sarcastic saying about organic food. It sums up how far our food system has gone with processing and genetically modifying what we eat.

Try organic food...or as your grandparents called it, "food"

  • abigail daniel

    amen u can say that again!