Tips for a successful Craft Beer

2012 May 4
by Nick Lamb

I’ve been making a mental list every time I see a new craft beer and I think I’ve come up with just the right recipe to make it in the craft beer industry.

1. Use religious symbolism on the label

Preferably some sort of demon or gargoyle or something.  This will contribute to the “epic-ness” of the beer and help with the next step.

2. Use a pejorative or challenging slogan

Something like, “You’re not man enough to drink this” or “This beer has way too much taste for you”

3. Make it taste terrible

The worse it tastes, the more people will buy it.  This goes along with step 2. If you create a sense that you have to “man up” to drink it then people will feel like they’re wimping out if they say it tastes bad.  This will have a collective effect when around other craft beer enthusiasts because, after all,  nobody wants to be known as the wuss who couldn’t handle all that “flavor.”

4. Make sure it’s got something “double” about it

The more hops, the better.  The bitterness will cover up any mistakes in the brewing process.

5. Put it in a bigger bottle and charge $10 for it

  • Ryan Olds

    Ha ha! Perfect! We should get to work on our excorsism quadruple IPA…

  • abigail daniel

    don’t make it to strong .Go work with your friend ryan olds I agree with him

  • Anonymous

    Too true! Ha!