Toms, the latest scam in shoes

2010 March 8
by Nick Lamb

There’s a scam going on in the shoe world.  The person perpetrating it? Tom.  He’s selling people pieces of rubber with various types of cloth attached.  There’s canvas, or denim or wait for it…burlap!  I love the thought of a nice strip of burlap rubbing on my toes all day long!  The shoe names are as creative as the fabrics. “Villiage Vegan Classics” For only $54, yes please.  Someone should tell Tom that his idea was taken long ago when someone invented the slipper.

Worst Shoe Ever

  • Irjnhair

    You are really buying TWO pairs of shoes, so, of course the shoes are going to cost more because if they didn’t, the company wouldn’t make ANY profit

  • Alli

    the person who created toms shoes is 
    Blake Mycoskie not tom. toms is the abbreviation for shoes for tomorrow. retard. i will always support toms shoes and i know its not a scam.

  • Anonymous

    A child in need would benefit more with the $79.00 than a $3.00 pair of shoes made in China. If charity to you means showing others that wearing a pair of canvas shoes makes you a good person, by all means do it. For others it means giving directly to the charity of their choice without the need for the symbolic recognition of a fad directed at impressionable teens.

  • Carly

    If you don’t get enough i ll make it double
    I got my boy in big, big trouble. 
    You know i want ya, atracao ahi.  Ratata!!!
    You got a lot of the sex appeal, 
    dont play along because I’m for real.  You see that road isn`t meant for me 
    you know i want you amarrao aqui 
    Oh ya papi, you’re like a mocha,
    Come get a little closer and bite me en la boca  

  • Maddy

    LOL! Spanglish?!

  • Josh Wiley

    I totally agree Nick. What I would like to know is just how much it would cost to make a pair of TOMS. I’ve heard estimates of $5 or 13p in the UK, but I personally think they could probably be produced for around $3. Either way, one $5 pair of toms for you plus one $5 pair of toms for a child does not equal $65. I think its very tell-tale of where all that money is going.


    I have several pairs of Toms ranging from $50-$130 each…….why because they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had. Some pairs I’ve had for two years and are still in perfect condition so stop being an ass and get facts straight.

  • Mike Hawk

    Johnny said nothing about the quality of the shoes you twat. He was merely commenting that TOMS is going to end up just like any other corporation, bloated with their own profits blind to what their original ‘goal’ was. How about you read whats there, and don’t insinuate what isn’t. Go play with your hipster friends.

  • Gloverboy6

    Stupid people will buy anything for the sake of fashion 

  • Doctor Kid

    Toms is a business just like any other but it is a business with a heart.. I continue to support Toms.. Probably you don’t have any experience in charities and never participated any youth projects. I won’t support you If you’ll have a business in the future because I know you only wan’t to earn. A successful man once told me that you should never start a business just to make money. We should start a business that could make a difference. There are a lot of businesses in this world and my question is.. do they share what they’ve earned just like what TOMS company did?? TOMS is a business but a business with a big heart. You’ll only understand if you had participated in one of Toms projects.

  • SoCo

    The biggest message they market is that they give a “free” pair of shoes to someone less fortunate. But it’s all a big scam in the name of profit. Those shoes they give away are anything but free.

    Guess what? *YOU* pay for them.

    This slipper, the Espadrille (or Alpargata), is a cheap Argentinian style of shoe. You can buy shoes of similar quality as Toms for $10-15. So, let’s break down the cost of a Toms shoe:

    First pair: $15
    Second pair: $15

    So let’s just say that your average pair of Toms sells for $50 (I know they vary, give it up), so that leave $20. See the scam yet?

    To make it easy for the Toms fanatics to understand, you’re buying TWO pairs of Toms for your $50, and Toms is profiting off BOTH of those pairs.

    If they made a profit on one pair, and then rolled the “at cost” (no profit) price for the second pair into the total price you pay for the shoes, then it wouldn’t be a scam. But since Toms is profiting off BOTH pairs that YOU pay for, it’s a scam.

    If you feel good about buying a $15 pair of shoes for $50 because you think you’re helping people, you’re exactly the sucker Toms is looking for.

  • Kaiytee

    Think about this.

    Do uggs really cost 200 dollars? No, but people buy them by CHOICE and because they like it! Does it really cost an extra 60 dollars to take normal bailey button uggs and stick on an oversized rhinestone? No, but they do it to make a profit. Would you give up your job just because people thought it was a scam? No, because it’s your main source of money. So try thinking about it from a different perspective. By the way, his name is not Tom, idiot. It’s Blake.

  • jeremy

    You didn’t bother to respond to Taiki’s points about the the effects on the local economies, which are actually quite valid. Furthermore, the owner of the company would be running a charity if he had ANY intent to help? Be serious. So all business owners who try to contribute to communities and engage in socially responsible practices have no intent to help? We all have to make a living, and many of us run businesses. Tom’s is not a charity. It is a business, a company, like many others. It sells shoes at comparable prices to similar products. They are made in China. Chinese factories are actually quite modern now and Chinese working wages are up several fold in the past two decades. As opposed to the shoes you buy many places which are being produced in Bangladesh (the new cheapest, unethical source of labor) in order to keep the prices as cheap as many people are proclaiming in these comments. All of which you know, if you keep up with this sort of thing. Tom’s is an ethical business. It is also a method to involve consumers (who are typically apathetic to the plight of developing nations) in a campaign to help in some way – a method to bring awareness to a commodity-focused society. No one can save the world single-handedly. Access to water is far important to an impoverished community than shoes, but how many companies are even doing this much? Recently, many companies have begun to attempt to take into account the needs of stakeholders in their products (in smaller ways than Tom’s) as part of a PR campaign; I would rather see positive effects on stakeholders as part of a PR campaign than not at all. Look at it as what it is. It’s not a charity; it’s a representation of a shift in capitalistic practices within the context of a callous market. And THAT’S a beautiful thing.

  • jeremy

    So you’re concern is that people get to feel hip while promoting a good cause? How very…. hip… of you. You must have an ironic mustache and a trucker hat to be so concerned with disdain for hipsters. (THAT is irony, by the way.) As some others have pointed out, many people aren’t willing to donate their money. However, people will always participate in the market. So… for a company to contribute to social change and allow individuals to feel good about themselves while making purchases they would make regardless of their social contribution appears to be a highly efficient model for distributing shoes to needy children.

  • jeremy

    I mean no offense, but have you ever spoken with a professional about your paranoia? The above is nearly incoherent. Also, for the record, if all things were as “OBVIOUS” as they initially appear, the scientific method would not have revolutionized modern humanity’s understanding of our universe and it’s properties. Those who reject the concepts of research and education on their premise are willfully maintaining ignorance and thereby discrediting any contribution they make to a discussion.

  • abigail daniel

    I hate that shoe I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate that greenish kind of shoe digusting man I more like fashionable shoes that are very high.

  • Clem C

    So it seems these philanthropists associate with those other philanthropists, the Clintons. And donated a bunch of dead presidents to their “family foundation” (aka money laundry). Yay, Tom’s, way to be New Age corrupt!